Investment School: Investment Rules

Investment Rules

Investment is a simple concept which is often complicate too much by investors. Always "keep it simple" and be "disciplined" in investments. There are certain rules that needs to be followed while investing for a longer term.

1.Identify your short,medium and long term goals.

2. For Short and medium term goals(2-5), park your money in fixed income instruments and avoid going the equity route.

3. For long term goals (>5 years), go for equity investing.

4. Keep it simple in equity investing. Go for good diversified mutual funds with good track record.

5.Ignore hot sectors or stocks which are being most talked about in televisions and newspapers.

6.Invest Regularly. Start a SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) in mutual funds to bring in discipline in your investments.

7.Execute "Buy and Hold" policy. Do not churn your investments often.

8. Last but not least, "Start Early".

Happy Investing!

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